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About me

I write. I have been working for television for years as a scriptwriter, but I also write scripts for feature films and plays, as well as prose. I studied at the Jagiellonian University, graduating in journalism and comparative civilizations studies.
I grew up in interesting times, at the collapse of the People’s Republic and the dawn of capitalism. All that has undoubtedly affected who I am today.

I have earned by writing ever since I came of age. I began as a journalist, back in my studies I ran a now-defunct Krakow city magazine called Aktivist. I wrote for culture and women’s magazines. I edited books. Yet I quickly learned to write stories of my own, and this I do to this day. I write for adults and for children. Writing is my profession, my passion, and a wonderful adventure. I’m a member of Polish Screenwriters’ Guild. Much like Zadie Smith, I find the notion of making people out of dependent clauses to be a remarkable thing.

Copyright by Patrycja Mnich©2020

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